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Home > Industry Information > Drum seam welding machine transformation technology has achieved a major breakthrough (Wujiang Xingsheng Packaging Machinery)
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Drum seam welding machine transformation technology has achieved a major breakthrough (Wujiang Xingsheng Packaging Machinery)

Recently, a new steel drum seam welder renovation project developed by Wujiang Yuntong Steel Barrel Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (formed by Wujiang Xingsheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and Nantong Huayang Packaging Container Factory) has been successful in Nantong. This technology is another major breakthrough since China's semi-automatic drum seam Welding Machine started its transformation five years ago. This technology has applied for and obtained national patents.

Analysis of breakthroughs in new technologies Wujiang Xingsheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise that has started the development and production of steel drum manufacturing equipment in recent years. It is a dark horse in the barrel making equipment industry in China. He has a large number of new mechanical design concepts. Using the latest international mechanical structure, control methods and components, and computer application technology, a series of refreshing barrel-making equipment have been manufactured. The biggest feature of his equipment is advanced technology, low prices, and it is currently in the domestic small and medium-sized The enterprise began to apply.
The seam welder reconstruction project was carried out jointly with Nantong Huayang Packing Container Factory on the basis of success in the seam welding machine transformation for the Wujiang Wu’s barrel factory. Many of its improvements were obtained. Bigger breakthrough. Compared with the current reform programs of most seam welding machines, the advanced nature of the seam welding machine is very obvious, and it leaves room for further development for further improvement. It is no exaggeration to say that this transformation is a semi-automatic seam welding machine in China. The improvement has opened the door to unlimited development, and is the best way for semi-automatic drum seam welders to transition to fully automatic, low cost and high quality.
The newly remodeled seam welding machine works by firstly rolling a good barrel into the Z-shaped positioning rod between the welding arms, and then the drum drum clamping the barrel body, and the welding arm is pressed under pressure to begin welding. The barrel moves from the inside to the outside. After the barrel is completely out of the welding wheel, welding is completed. This improvement led to the complete elimination of the original process of relying on spot welder positioning, saving one spot welder, saving two operators, saving the power consumption of spot welder work, and reducing welding due to spot welding. Break through other quality defects. The degree of automatic automation of the barrels has taken a big step.
The application of frequency conversion speed control system enables the welding speed of the seam welding machine to achieve stepless speed regulation, so that high speed welding can be easily realized and the maximum efficiency of the semi-Automatic Welding Machine can be utilized. At present, after the transformation of the welder, the welding speed can reach eight barrels per second (for a 200-liter steel drum). With the proper upper and lower bucket device, high-speed welding can be easily achieved and it can be matched with the domestic high-speed barrel production line.
On the basis of this transformation, in combination with a welding seam rolling device, it is possible to level the 3mm welding seam, increase the smoothness and aesthetic appearance of the weld seam, and reduce the curling defects caused by the thick weld seam.
By changing the mounting structure of the welding arm, the rear feed welding of the welding machine can be easily realized, the auxiliary time of the advance feed can be saved, the welding speed can be greatly improved, and high-speed automated welding can be easily realized.
Through the secondary bridge rectifier of the welding power supply, the precise control of the welding current can be further realized, welding quality and welding speed can be greatly improved, and the semi-automatic to fully automatic transformation can be accomplished at the lowest cost. The application of DC welding greatly reduces the cost of automation and reduces the power consumption of equipment. It is the most practical development direction.
The increase of the automatic feeding mechanism can also effectively reduce the consumption of welding auxiliary time, enhance the accuracy of welding positioning, and reduce the work intensity of the operator.
Third, the development of China's steel tank seam welding machine transformation process The transformation of the welder new technology, so that China's steel drum welding equipment in the development of a big step. Developed the first fully automatic welding machine in China from the Nanjing Mining Machinery Plant. A year ago, Shenzhen Juntengfa Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. produced a fully automatic high-speed seam welding machine, and then a breakthrough in this new seam welding machine transformation technology. The development of steel seam welders in China has gone through 20 years of ups and downs. However, the ups and downs of the roads are unimaginable. To this day, we have actually experienced four major changes.
1. The birth of fully automatic seam welding machine In 1987, after years of development, Nanjing Mining Machinery Factory used the Commonwealth welder as a model to manufacture China's first fully automatic steel seam welding machine, which was lost in the barrel industry in China. A heavy bomb was dropped. However, due to the poor foundation of economic and technological development in China at that time, localization brought a lot of problems, and the quality and performance of equipment components and components could not be satisfied. As a result, fully automatic welding machines frequently malfunctioned during operation and the cost was too high. So several years later, only a few fully automatic welding machines had not been continuously developed and died.
2. In the ten years after the first fully automatic seam welder was produced and died, the domestic barrel making industry re-established its hope in the reform of the semi-automatic seam welder. As a result, a variety of retrofit schemes have been successively produced, such as seam welder equipment developed by Tianjin Jingda Slender Equipment Renovation Co., Ltd., Xial Machinery Research Institute developed weld seam edger, etc., as no breakthrough improvement has been made in current control. Therefore, there has been no leap in quality and speed, and therefore it has not been applied on a large scale. However, these efforts have provided useful experience for the transformation of the seam welder a few years later.
Five years ago, when Shanghai Meida Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. came out of the microcomputer resistance welding controller, it welcomed the new trend of the steel tank seam welding machine transformation. Since the transformation of the seam welder has broken through the traditional concept of welding machine control, it has achieved the edge-to-edge and welding effects of the fully automatic seam welding machine, which has greatly improved the welding quality. Therefore, it seems that the domestic barrel making industry has become popular overnight. This is a technological leap. This is a qualitative change. At present, the transformation of seam welding machines using this technology has been popularized in China's barrel making industry.
3, automatic seam welding machine reappeared a year ago, when Shenzhen Junteng Hair Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. manufactured a steel barrel automatic seam welding machine, China's barrel industry saw hope. This is the second time that China's automatic steel seam welding machine has emerged. Since it appeared in the first decade after the first fully automatic seam welding machine, the domestic economic and technological foundation has made great progress. This is a natural advantage. And the co-product of the product, the emergence of this equipment, has been rapidly responded to in the domestic barrel making industry. However, due to the special nature of China's barrel making industry, there are not many barrel companies that can spend more than one million yuan to purchase seam welding machines. The main reason is that the pain of the death of the first seam welder 20 years ago has not been completely eliminated, and more companies are still waiting to see the stage. Therefore, it will take a while to achieve universal adoption.
4, the new round of seam welding machine transformation has been started for most barrel companies, more willing to spend a small amount of money, the semi-automatic seam welding machine for effective transformation, so as to get more good needs.
The new seam welding machine transformation technology developed by Wujiang Yuntong Steel Barrel Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has already started another round of climax reform of the seam welding machine in China's barrel industry. This will be a huge one in the history of China's seam welding machine transformation. The change will surely promote the great progress of barrel making technology in our country and greatly improve the quality of steel barrels.
After this successful transformation, they have already proposed a higher development plan for themselves and will gradually realize more functions based on this, achieve faster speeds, realize more simple operations, and gradually achieve a low cost Fully automatic seam welding machines have almost the same welding speed and quality effect to meet the needs of most barrel makers. We are looking forward to them.

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